positivity dammit

It’s so easy to get upset. It’s easy to become negative and pessimistic. It’s really easy to be sour and crabby, especially when life is painful and uncomfortable. I think the biggest thing I have learned as I’ve aged is that these times are when you need to fall back and lean on faith. Days that I don’t feel well or and struggling majorly I used to get upset and frustrated. I made a change, a change of choice; I decided that on days in which I am a useless pile of human mush I would simply pray. I don’t pray to ask to be healthy or feel well; I pray to thank God for the days in which I am able to do things myself. I pray and remember all the blessings I do have, the people that surround me that support me, the roof over my head and great doctors that God has placed in my life.

I made a change in thinking and thus a change in life. I refuse to pray to ask for miracles or for a cure, I assume God knows I want those things, instead I simply connect with God and express my gratitude for all that I do have, mostly the great people that God has placed in my life to support me and love me.

It is so easy to get upset with life and feel cheated. It is so easy to look at someone and see how green their grass is…my grass is green. It may be AstroTurf but dammit its green and I must remind myself daily that the life I lead is the one that God believed I could handle. When I cannot handle it I MUST lean on my faith.

My path to positive thinking took a long time and it still is not 100%. I get upset, I get frustrated and I get crabby but it is those times I must take a step back and lean to faith. The world is a shitty place and EVERYONE has bullshit in their life, we all must learn to flip the script positively and see our challenges as bumps in the road. We are in control of our own lives and I think today’s youth and millennial are quick to blame others for their own problems.

Problems will always surround you. It is how you handle them that make you who you are. My health will always be a big ol pile of shit. In fact, it will continue to suck the rest of my life, instead of focusing on that I choose to think of all the medical advancements that have been made in the last 5 years and the things that have helped improve my quality of life.

If we focus on the negative, we will be negative. No one likes a negative Nancy. We need to be positive Polly not Debbie Downer.

Today I challenge everyone to simply stop when they are upset, frustrated or angry and think to themselves “what is good in my life right now?” Sometimes it is hard but when in doubt fall back to the staples in life. Do you have a roof over your head? Are you fed? While perhaps not the brand name or style you want, are you clothed? Do your children love you? They may not behave how you want but are they filled with love?

Find the good in this world, focus on it and squash the negative. It’s easier said than done, I know, but I promise it will make a world of difference in how you feel mentally. Practice makes perfect.

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