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2015 in random photos

Quick model pose on this gown 😂 I hate waiting
Omg drs offices are scent free for a reason.jpg I CANT BREATHE! That stench of processed alcohol, ma
Queen of the short bus turned queen of the waiting rooms
This is #mcas #pots #eds win some and lose some
Rest time
Tan ✔_Hair cut✔_Self on FLEEK✔_Sick ✅
_She might be real sick but you don't see it when you look at her.jpg_ Damn straight.jpg I'm a warri
Must. Absorb
All 10 toes
Yep.jpg This
Strength means more than muscle.jpg I might be weak but holy shit I am strong.jpg Beat anaphylaxis a
Nurse Penny. Asleep on duty
Ah yes.jpg Thanks body.jpg Paired with this fever and the heart palpitations I'm feeling
$20 to whoever can tell me why I'm bright red with hives.jpg.jpg.jpgthis time.jpg.jpg.jpgcause I hav
Ooh kill emmm
Sun.jpg I love you sun
Dude really_
Sometimes I'm really sick.jpg It realllly sucks
#life is a beautiful thing.jpg Cherish the good and the bad times for they make us stronger
So much more heart than scars. Cant keep me down. Rise and fall I STAND TALL
Chillin #camping
Adios east side.jpg I am Sad to say goodbye.jpg Couldnt do it.jpg .jpg .jpg but on to smaller and ea
Camping so far summrized in one photo.jpg.jpg.jpgorganized shit show.jpg Lol wilderness vs josh elle
Behold the power of makeup!
My sleeping beauty
Exhausted.jpg Seriously.jpg Neeeeeeed sleeeeeeep
Maybe less bruises tomorrow would be cool
Getting better! Bruises are a mystery.jpg Silly blood
#fleek lol 🙊
Curled in a ball but beautiful tho! Lol #bathed #makeup #cleanhair #exhausted
Eyes of frustration and illness
I ❤ my nurse (mommy)
Life with blood clotting issues
Lord heal me
Beauty queens and best friends (my mommy)
#adorbs now let me sit before I pass out 😂#familylunch too bad I'll just sit there watching people
Missing the sun.jpg  Grrr
Listening to boosie
But my nails look good!! Lol smiling thru the ridiculousness that is my life
Sometimes I fall and go boom. Lol
Mood g%rr
Reality of being chronically ill.jpg Bed by 7.jpg Fancy stuff.jpg.jpg
Happy Thanksgiving! 🐥🍻🍰❄⛄
I like these glasses better #zenni is my best friend lol thanks AJ for telling me about them!!!!
Airport thuggin!
Yeah...I don't feel good..
Headed to get penny a big girl bed...
Sometimes I'm really is one of those days.... Hate. I hate
But DUDE where's my tan_!
Yep! Me
Friday fun day_ Ha. I bathed
Last few days Ive been stuck in bed...but that doesn't mean I can't be gorgeous
Headed home from vet
#camping supermodel style lol
New couch says it all.jpg Follow your dreams- no matter what obstacles you may encounter, never give
Ride or die chic
The look on your face when you spend too much money lol #newsofa #washerANDdryer #newhouse grrrr
Monday Monday Monday
#alive thanking #God this Sunday for every breath
Smile on her face, bun in her hair, THATS ELLE
Happy birthday my ❤
And i scrubbed my face too hard i guess....ripped a hole in my forehead. Cause yeah.. Thats a normal
...sometimes my blood just doesnt clot correctly and I look like a dalmation. #bruises yeah...from c
Cute.jpg.jpg.jpgBut shes crazy.jpg
Shes not feeling photogenic.jpg Lol! Or shes self concious.jpg.jpg.jpg
My first ever bathroom pic! Ha ha ha!!!! #standing #winner
He labeled it.jpg.jpg.jpgbut I drank it.jpg.jpg
Aaaand lola too
In life we all have good days and bad days.jpg We ALL have struggles.jpg.jpg.jpgits how we face and
Struggling today
#gorediswhy at the #goredluncheon
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