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Feliz navidad.jpg Rise and fall, I STAND TALL.jpg Sometimes
Yessss!!!! I got to meet my new niece today!!! Auntie LOVES you ZARA!!!
Carly Eighmy West lol
A few weeks ago a good friend came to visit and snapped this family photo josh hates when I post his
Yes.jpg I'm having a crazy allergic reaction on my face.jpg Cute.jpg Not
Nurse said _wow, you're bright!_ I'm thinkin she was talking intelligence.jpg Ha ha ha ha.jpg
My shirt says it all!!
Nap time! Feel like trash.jpg I gonna guess it take me About a week to recover from Christmas
34.jpg Thank GOD for an even year.jpg.jpg.jpgI HATE ODD NUMBERS.jpg OCD_ Probably.jpg.jpg
But she is alive!!!
Sweater game ON POINT
Choose to be happy.jpg Its sonhardm.jpgbut we all can be positive people.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpgits not easy
Happy thanksgiving!
My face when I hear its gonna snow
Birthday stop #1.jpg.jpg.jpghair cut at downtown salon
Yep.jpg Hilarious
My life, summarized
Thank GOD for doggie tranquilizers...MAYBE she will stop running into things now..
The hot mess express is reppin the M
Pretty sure this ER doc thinks I'm just here for pain PILLS. Umm, I've told her 10x I can't take any
Thug life
Helmet. Pigtails. Life Alert button
Ever wonder what your vocal cords look like_ My left one is paralized. I may not be able to speak fo
Passed out and hit my head.jpg Oopsy doopsy
The usual
My 🌍
Bra and tank-top match.jpg.jpg.jpgmakes me feel like a real adult!!! #nightnight _5pm.jpg.jpg
Is this painting supposed to make me feel calm_!_!
.jpg.jpg.jpgbut she never gave up
Rest.jpg This is what being disabled looks like.jpg Completely unglamorous.jpg Pain.jpg Fatigue.jpg
Vibin headed to get my meds.jpg The joyous life I lead
Face.jpg Face.jpg Face
Soo sleepy 😒
I did my hairs! Go me
Someone is convinced that if they lay on mommy they get fed dinner
#frozenthermus 😂 _mpkirchoff
Hoodie.jpg Scarf.jpg Fleece.jpg Blanket.jpg Jeans.jpg Ugh ready set fly.jpg Errrrr wait to
Warm air does me well.jpg I'm still sickly but less so here in the heat.jpg No denying
Bye bye ocean
When I'm the happiest.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpg Star fish style
Bonnie and ride or everything
Deja vu I swear. So exhausted
Hippity hop.jpg Hippity flop
This better block germs appropriately..
Yep.jpg Life
Trying to look like an adult today!
I hate the dentist
National sibling day__!! Yes
Are black labs all just emotional and clingy_ Is it like their thing_
Home...nurse won't leave my side
I'm so not a patient patient
#twinning lol
Family photo_ dog park edition
Operation tumor removal..

2016 in photos

The Good

The Bad

and the UGLY. 



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