About a year ago I had to start taking medicine to combat some diabetes bullshit. My blood sugars like to be unstable and go all over the place. I hate being on meds…Now, I know what you’re thinking, Elle takes a ton of meds, she must be pro-medication, well NOPE I am not. In fact, all I do is try to think of new ways to not have to take a medicine anymore. So much so, it used to drive one of my docs nuts.

Anyways, I wanted off this damn pill that works on my blood sugars. I spoke with doctors and decided upon a strict lifestyle “diet.” I hate the word diet. It makes me feel like I think I am fat, while not as thin as I wish I were, I know I am NOT chunky. It boils down to my health. I want to be as healthy as I possibly can (considering who I am and the other bullshit I deal with…)

I am on what one could call the whole30 diet. Basically I eat ZERO simple sugars and carbs. No pasta, bread, cookies, nada like that at all. I eat a lot of vegetables, nuts (not peanuts) meat and fruits. It is hard. I crave bread, the white kind that sticks to the roof of the mouth, but if I cave in and eat it I get almost instantly ill. My body isn’t meant to have that much energy (calories) enter my blood stream at a time; it needs things to get broken down slowly, otherwise it goes insane.

The hardest part for most people on this “diet” is that really the only things I drink are black coffee and ice water. I drink SO MUCH WATER. I always have (otherwise I pass out) but now I swear I drink even more. Its not hard for me to drink water, I’ve been doing it my whole life AND I’ve never been a juice drinker because it always has made me sick. This “diet” has been pretty damn easy for ME…BUT, from what I hear for others? It’s hard as hell.

The whole30 is meant to be done for 30 days, for me though, it started early December and wont stop, ever. I have days where I will eat some carbs and I get so sick. (I learned my hardest lessons over Christmas time) My tummy swells and I get symptoms back within 30 minutes. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it and witness it with my own body. I currently have the flu or whatever hellish virus is going around, I wanted a simple graham cracker and after I ate it, I was sick. ONE CRACKER.

Why am I telling you all this? I don’t know, maybe just to give you a little idea that what works for some people doesn’t work for others. DIET doesn’t mean death; in fact, it’s proven just the opposite for me. Yeah, not getting to shove anything I want into my mouth sucks, but being ill sucks more. My diet has been incredibly limited for years and so I feel like now that I have cut out the simple sugars and carbs I am able to digest more actual nutritional foods which has actually opened the doors to many new food choices.

Life yall. It’s a road.

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