Unicorn Frapp world

Ever stop for a second we wonder why kids are obese, why there are more autoimmune diseases, why autism is incredibly prevalent and yet people to go gaga over things like a unicorn Frappuccino. As a society we got to do better for our children. Obviously one unicorn frapp is not going to make a kid obese but I feel like we live in a unicorn Frappuccino Society. So many parents take the easy road instead of the more difficult.

There are so many kids that have never been told no, so many children that have parents that take the easy road and are exposed to processed foods at every meal that are hormone laced antibiotic ground-up meat products. I can't help but think in my own head that we are killing our own youth. I'm not saying McDonalds nor the Unicorn Frappuccino is bad, I'm saying everything rolled together into one lump childhood is causing medical prices to soar via illness!

I personally am not saying that I never eat McDonald's, I do, I am not placing blame on moms that are stressed and need to simply feed their kids quick. I am blaming society. In 2017 we never tell kids to wait, we don’t teach them patience, we give into this INSTANT satisfaction that has become a plague that consumes us. We never tell kids that they have to eat their vegetables, we live in this world of get it done now fast which leads us diabetes, heart disease, autism- everything, and then we stand in disbelief when it happens to our own child. Kids today are not scolded and told to finish their dinner, they've never sat around the dinner table with their family and had Dad yell at them to finish their vegetables. It’s the same concept, every kid is not a winner, you don't need to make participation trophies. Trust me, I never won a damn thing in my life as a kid and I turned out just fine.

My plea to parents is this, please instead of a unicorn Frappuccino go home and bring out the blender, gather chairs and stools for your kids to stand on and together make a smoothie it'll be just as delicious, colorful and in the end your kid will spend time with YOU. That's what we need more of, less unicorn drive-thrus and more quality parent-child activities. The food our kids eat needs less hormones and more happiness, pure an simple.

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