2016 happy things

Man, 2016 continues to suck for damn near everyone…with 4 days left I'm just praying we make it through. There have been a few joyous occasions but even down to my dog Lola, 2016 sucked. I am sitting in the cancer centers waiting room lobby area, and I am looking around me and seeing that people are sick. LIFE sucks. Seriously. I mean how crappy is it to sit in a waiting room and looking around to see people half dead? It’s horrible. 2016 has been obnoxious. I personally have fought tooth and nail through and hopefully I come out of it as a warrior and winner. Though life has handed me many lemons, 2016 has given me some super awesome times as well.

There are a few things that I have come across in 2016 that has made my life so much better…

Amazon prime is LIFE. Free shipping…heck yes. BUT EVEN BETTER is Amazon Prime NOW! I can get almost anything I need delivered to my door in 2 hours FREE. That’s amazing. Another thing that has made 2016 awesome is remote control outlets. They let me turn lights on and off without having to move. Finally, the one thing I just got and now utilize is a Wi-Fi thermostat for our A/C and furnace! HECK YES for us sickly people who need life to be just a little easier everyday.

I am not “better” than I was at the beginning of 2016 but I would say that I am more controlled. My anaphylactic episodes are less, I can eat more foods and I am less reactive to scents…the downside? I have gained a ton of weight, I still can’t eat the foods I crave and I still can’t handle Joshua’s cologne.

So, 2017, I am lookin at you. I want you to be so fantastic we all forget the struggles of 2016. I want 2017 to blow my socks off with amazingness and joy. I want all my friends and family to succeed and be happy.

I have been through the ringer but I still have faith and hope and no one, not even 2016 can take that away!

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