chunky monkey

In 2014 part of my colon died and I spent over 2 years fighting to eat and maintain any sort of weight I could…I was borderline feeding tube but forced myself to eat and consume as many calories as possible…I suffered great pain and was so weak. I did everything to fix the problem, I prayed so hard that God would fix my colon and let me eat simple things again.

Flash forward to today and I am happy to tell you, I need to lose about 10 lbs. Yep, I am chunky! My prayers were answered. While I was in the hospital for my horrific headache, that in which I still has, I was put on this 24/7 Benadryl IV. It has made it so I can eat ALMOST anything without going anaphylactic. When a person goes from eating only baked chicken and green beans to basic cereals, fruits, and even some desserts…one over consumes. HA! So, yes, Prednisone has made me gain weight too, but I must get this eating under control. FOOD IS JUST SO DARN DELISH!!! My love handles are lovely, really, but they gotta go. Considering I cannot work out or really do much off my sofa or out of my bed, I am limited…so I gotta stop eating so many graham crackers and watermelon…Yes, I eat one whole giant watermelon a day…

So if you come visit me and I shove animal crackers in my mouth, slap them out of my hand. LOL! PS I am totally sitting here drinking a flavored cup of coffee….with cream and sugar. Oye. My bad. I am not good at this.

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