Parents sacrifice so much. Think about it. If you are a parent you literally, the day you find out about conception, put your life second to another. The mother cares for the baby while pregnant, making sure she keeps proper nutrition, appointments, the list is endless…then when the baby is born, the whole world of the parents revolves around that kid. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be…right?

I am so fortunate that in my case, and in the case of my brother, we were given priority and the best care, love and had everything we could have ever wanted to thrive and become successful independent human beings.

My parents drove hundreds of thousands of miles for us, carting us around to different classes, sports, games, and activities. They spent all their extra money making sure we had everything we needed, and also rewarding us and keeping us reaching to be the absolute best.

When I was young, my parents didn’t have a ton of extra money. They worked their asses off to provide for my brother and I. They worked opposite shifts at the hospital so that we didn’t have to be in daycare. My grandparents were also help, giving my parents time rarely to go on “dates.”

My parents always demonstrated pure love to not only us, but also each other. They never argued, or had any problems in front of us…money was tight, but we never knew as kids…we had a wonderful roof over our heads, in the best of neighborhoods, we had toys and more importantly, my parents invested SO MANY HOURS AND HOURS of help with homework and school projects.

Looking back over my childhood one thing sticks out strongly. We always had something we “wanted” BUT never, ever lacked anything we “NEEDED.” My parents, even later in my teen years when they were financially stable, never gave us EVERYTHING. They taught us that you must work for the extra things in life. They made us work HARD. We were expected to get the best of grades and if we didn’t, it was our own fault; blame was NEVER put on the teacher or the school system…

If we didn’t understand a topic or homework, my dad would sit at the kitchen table with us for HOURS until we comprehended and mastered whatever it was. My dad worked full-time, was a full-time college student most of our childhood in one way or another, AND he coached ALL our athletic teams…both of us, simultaneously. My dad also has a debilitating autoimmune disease. HE NEVER COMPLAINED. HE NEVER LET UP. HE SHOWED ME HOW TO LIVE THIS LIFE!

As a teen my mother and I fought a bit, but, only because in reality we are very similar people. I didn’t understand that at the time of course and it caused us to occasionally bump heads. My father did not allow disrespect of anyone let alone my mother. Today, she is my best friend…I am so thankful for both of them and the way they raised me I can truly never thank them enough.

I am 33 and I still depend on my parents for a lot…My dad helps and teaches Josh how to do all home repair and renovation…he also will drop everything and come over to our house for ANY reason, whether it be our furnace, bath tub, electric, anything…Mom is the same way. Yesterday she drove me all over town to my doctors. She drove literally from one corner of the twin-cities suburbs to the other, mid rush hour.

People always say that a parent’s job is never done, but I think that most parents don’t expect to still have to care for their children once they are adults. I have guilt that my parents have to do so much for me, but whenever I have those feelings of guilt, I go into prayer and thank God that I have been given such an amazing duo that have given up everything in life to provide for my brother and I, and continue to do so.

I don’t like to use the word “lucky” when I think of being born to the people I was…I am BLESSED. If I was in any other family, I don’t think I would still be around here on earth.

I am so thankful. I may never be well again and so their job may continue until the day we die, the thing about them is, they are at peace with that. They accept that much better than I do.

Today, think of all the things your parents (or people who helped raise you) sacrificed so that you could become who you are today…

Those of you who are parents, just know, while your kids may not be able to thank you right now, and you may get so angry and frustrated being their parent…the day will come in which they are able to look back and have a warm heart and soul for every little thing you do.

Kids don’t need material possessions to be happy. They don’t need to get dressed in the best clothes; they just need presence, NOT presents.

Thank you mommy and daddy. I feel crummy today but my heart is so warm thinking of all the things my parents have done in my 33 years.

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