I walk by the mirror and I cry.

My brain feels like it is trying to exit out the ide of my head. Its hurts o damn bad I cannot even properly explain the pain. All I can explain is that the right side of my face and head are numb…and my right eye randomly closes and waters dude to the intense sharp stabbing pain in my brain. It feels like sometimes my brain is actually twitching. Normal. Right? I guess.

It’s hard when you’re a complex patient. They never know which illness or disease causes what and when you have 3 fairly uncommon and newly discovered by medicine diseases, well shit, its like you’re helping write the textbook on what happens with them…

I really hope that by my struggle and suffering someone else someday doesn’t have to go through this mess. I hope that my drs are keeping good notes and tying things together when needed behind the scenes so that I am not just wasting time here on earth but that I am making progress in the field of medicine.

Now, I am going to go hibernate, because holy crap, my head is hurting SO BAD.

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