hungry hippo

October 21, 2016




I’ve been getting cocky with food. Ever since I got hooked up to the meds 24/7 and have them pumping through me every second of the day, I haven’t gone anaphylactic…

BUT, my stomach still doesn’t process many foods AND a lot of them STILL make me sick, its just not anaphylaxis…but since the taste soo good I’ve been eating a lot of things that I know I shouldn’t.

I gotta reel it in!! SELF CONTROL DARNIT!! My abdomen is currently so inflamed it’s swollen and incredibly painful, all because I wanted to be gangsta and eat some chives last night on my potato. YEP, that’s how I live on the edge…chives. HA HA HA. I am a rebel. 

No more rebellion over here though, I am going to force myself to only consume safe foods because the pain a suffering other foods cause is damn near my breaking point right now. I gotta control that in which I can in my body, so, alas, no more eating regular food. NO. NO. NO. It hurts. 

Gotta love life. I want some cake. No. No. No. No cake.

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