I can do it!

Why are the moms on lifetime movies always so skinny? Like seriously, Susan Marie, housewife from the suburbs in reality is not going to be a tiny skinny little thing. Lets be realistic, I mean if you want me to believe these weird plot lines, it would make me more invested if you used real looking women. That being said, I cut my hair. How those two connect I am not sure. LOL.

At first, I cut off 18”. It was not a big issue shockingly. I thought I would cry, I didn’t. After it was cut I just didn’t like how it poofed on the sides, so yesterday I got it trimmed up. It is now super cool I think. I don’t know. ALL I do know is that I can do it myself and that’s what matters most. I'm not sure how often I will need to get it trimmed up to keep it looking classy but we will see. There is a reason I am married to a barber. LOL.

I got a cold about a week ago and its been nearly the death of me. I swear. It has been horrible. I wanted to die for about 3 days, now I am getting back to normal. I also have been a little cocky about myself…meaning I haven’t been passing out as much and have been doing things I shouldn’t. Don’t worry, I haven’t broken any laws or done anything crazy, just things like going up and down the stairs by myself, and bathing when I am home alone. Naughty, I know.

I passed out and hit my head hard Thursday morning. I was pretty out of it for quite awhile. The ER was a joke AGAIN. I thankfully just have a mild TBI and a big ol ouchie on the back of my head. Someday I will learn…ugh, I take two steps forward and then one step back…

Progress is still progress and I am making slow but steady progress for the first time in a long time. The chemo makes me nauseated and the prednisone has my hair falling out BUT I am feeling human. This cold is finally leaving me and I am once again back to thanking and praising JESUS for getting me through another phase.

I will be back to normal some day, I can feel it in my bones. I have HOPE. I have FAITH. I have perseverance.

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