Sitting here frustrated!

Today is July 27. I was informed yesterday by my mobility company that my medical assistance from the state is currently not active. This is a big deal as it pays for the things my other two insurances do not pay for.

They said they didn’t get a page of my fax I had sent in and therefore my case was closed. I was livid yesterday and scrambled and refaxed everything. This morning I called to make sure they had received my fax and they told me that it wouldn’t be processed until next week. YOU SEEEEEEE the problem is that if I don’t get it processed by the 31st I lose my medical benefits completely. WHAT THE HECK!!!

So, I am freaking out as one can imagine. I had to rush to get Josh to take me to the Hennepin County office so I can sit here, feeling like death and speak to someone face to face so that they can scan in the damn forms themselves and make sure this is processed before the 31st so I don’t owe damn near $20k in medical bills for the month of July.

Being sick is so hard. I can’t even explain to you how challenging it is to navigate the system that is government related. I want to constantly scream and cry at the same damn time.

On a lighter note, I received a letter from social security yesterday saying that my disability benefits will continue due to my deemed continued disability. HA HA HA yeah, ouch. Still disabled. Still sick. BLAH. I had to laugh. I didn’t think when I applied 3 years ago for disability a person could get sicker, but, wow, look at me really proving myself wrong! ha ha ha ha ha ha

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