My best friend from college made me this flow chart, how hilarious and accurate is it?! HA HA HA. I began my meds and I don’t want to get overly hopeful but I think that they may be targeting whatever is the issue within my body. It is a powerful drug and I so far have had no side effects minus some nausea but, then again, I am kinda always nauseated. Lol.

The funniest part of my life is when I get up and go get something in the kitchen or bathroom and then sit back down and realize I didn’t get what I went for, or I get there and am confused why I’m there so I go sit back down. Normal people would be able to stand and think about what they were doing, I cant. My brain doesn’t get enough oxygen and so I literally black out and my brain goes dead. So if I stand up to go get some water from the fridge the entire time I’m going there I have to think “water, water, water…” otherwise, I get there and fail. Even if I don’t pass out I still either cant see, hear or think when I stand. It’s kinda funny. If I have more than one thing to grab while I am up, I’m basically screwed. I try not to have more than two things to accomplish each time I am up, otherwise I forget. I also try not to get up until I have two things to do…so ill wait to get water until I have to go to the bathroom, or ill wait to take my meds until I get hungry.

See all the things healthy people take for granted? Lol. You can get up, go piddle, sit back down, decide your hungry and get back up, nope not me. If I forget, screw it, it can wait.

That’s my life.

No one is watching my Spanish teaching videos so I need to find a way to promote them. I love teaching and want to continue but I don’t want to do it for zero audience. That’s whack.

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