HOPE. (again) PRAYING!

I am trying not to be overly optimistic but yesterday I felt better than I have in months, possibly years. I was able to go see the new Vikings Stadium (Us bank stadium) as it was opening weekend. It was gorgeous. It is so big, like legit huge. I am still a little confused why it cost so much as to me it just looks like a heck of a lot of concrete and then some big technological stuff, but hey, I guess the cost of concrete is high? LOL.

I was able to walk dogs around the block in the morning, then get myself dressed, go tour stadium and go to dinner with Josh. I was able to stay awake until 9 without huge issue. I was nauseated all day and still have stomach pain but I took meds and that controlled the nausea. My actions yesterday are like unheard of. I am so proud of myself.

The thing is, I woke up this morning and I am not in complete crash mode like I would usually be if I even attempted one of the tasks I did yesterday! So, either it’s a fluke and I was just blessed yesterday to live semi normally or this medicine is really working. The dr said it works fast and we would know within a week, but three days!?

I’m praying. I know it’s a really strong med and that it’s the big guns for the disease, but if it has helped this much, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T WE START WITH THIS? Lol. It cost $120k a year. That’s why. Insurance companies run treatment and pharmaceutical companies are a giant SCAM.

The medicine is called Gleevec. It is made by Novartis. They should be ashamed of the price they charge. It’s a medication for people with leukemia, and yet they place that high price tag on it. That’s horrible in my opinion. That should be considered a crime. Much like the raise in cost of epi-pens. ASHAMED. They should be ashamed that they are putting such a huge cost on keeping people alive. As if we the patients have any other choice but to pay the ridiculous amounts to STAY ALIVE!

I am thankful everyday that I have my 3 insurances and that they cover my epi pens and most of my meds. My insurance paid $23,000 on just meds alone last month. Insane. If I didn’t have the insurance, I’d be bankrupt (not that I have money now) but Id be bankrupt and dead. No one should be able to control your life like that, no company should be able to say, if you can’t afford our medicine, you can die.

So, here’s a hoping. REALLY HOPING that someday soon I can be a human again and do real human things!

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