Chemo? Hope it fixes these crazy Cells.

I am currently sitting here waiting on my nemesis. If you all know me, you may know I hate my mailman. YES, he is my nemesis. In all my 33 years of using the United States postal service I've never had any problems…until we moved here…since day 1 he has had an attitude with me. So, I call him my nemesis.

I am waiting on him not to bring me something cool I got online, nope, no amazon prime; I am waiting on him to bring me my chemo. Yep, my medicine. I am going to be taking a new medicine that is normally used to treat leukemia. Don’t worry, I don’t have leukemia, I have mast cell disease, similar but oh so different. I will officially be taking what one classifies as chemotherapy. Joy. We tried everything up until this point and now, it has come to the big guns. The funniest part? I am allergic to the red dye that coats the medicine so I have to soak it in boiling water first to remove that before swallowing the damn horse pill.

I hope it works. If it does, I will be so grateful. It’s about $100,000 a year medication. Over priced? I would say so…we need medical reform. Thankfully I pay my 3 insurance premiums faithfully so that this isn’t an issue for me and this medication is covered…yes they wont cover the $3 compounded Benadryl but they will cover the $100,000 chemo no questions asked. Wish me luck.

ALSO, this week I began filming one a day Spanish lessons. Each video is 5 minutes and teaches you Spanish, from the very beginning. It’s easy, fast and I am kinda funny. My plan is to make one every day for the year. It is a lot of work for me but I miss teaching A TON and so it has given me some purpose. I have filmed a few extras for days I am not feeling well enough…I’m trying to think ahead!

So become bilingual, its fast, its free, its funny…what more do you want?!

Wish me luck world. I’m trying my hardest.

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