I LOVE you.

Every day I am blessed to have a man who is not only my best friend but also my caregiver. What does that mean? It means that he is here 24/7 present in my life, worrying, thinking and trying to figure out how to make me better. It means that even if he is not standing in front of me he is still “on the clock” thinking about me and worrying about my safety. It means that he is the one who helps make hard decisions and often times has the weight of the world on his shoulders. It means that he has to not only save my life but also actually like being around me at the same time. It means he never gets a break.

I love him because he is the ying to my yang. He is level headed, straightforward, chooses his words wisely and is not quick to make decisions. He is quiet, yet constantly thinking, waiting to use just the right words to communicate. He lets me fail and yet supports me when I do. He pushes me to be successful with every thing I try to do but catches me when I go too far too fast.

I love him because he refuses to let me give up. Though not always the most sensitive man, he cares deeply for me and he hurts as much as I do when I am in pain. We are a team and though this game of life is tough, I cannot imagine a better teammate. He is my LeBron. He is King James of this household. He is the greatest player the game has ever had. I am so thankful for my man.

It’s officially been 7 years! 7 years of dealing with my bullshit. Although the last 5 haven’t been as we imagined, we still try to make the most out of the life we have. To me, no wedding, ceremony or piece of paper could solidify our union any further than it is, you are my husband, my hubby, and my boo. Te Amo mi amor. Feliz Cumpleanos. Es el tercer aniversario de nacimiento…. Thank you for all you do and who you are. I love you.

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