help spread love.

I am just one woman. I am just one feeble woman who is determined to make a difference in this world. I am a weak, disabled, and sickly woman who is determined to make a difference in this world that will better society.

Why is this so damn hard? Is it because I am just one woman? Imagine if all the women got together and became one giant force. Instead of battering and berating each other what if we worked as a team to get things done positively in our world?

Every time I read something it is always a woman against another woman. It’s a religion against another religion. It’s one gang against the other. When does it end? When will we all open our eyes and realize that this life is so much easier if we all work together positively and help one another?

Why can’t kids walk down the sidewalk this summer in Chicago? Why cant gay, straight, man or woman go to a club and dance if they want? Why is it that a woman is still not paid the same for doing the exact job as a man? Why are African Americans still being treated as a lesser quality of human?

We need to band together and realize that THESE THINGS ARE WRONG. Kids should be able to play outside wherever they are born; White, Black, Asian, Latino… it shouldn’t matter WHAT you are! Safety should be for all.

Reflect inward. Look at what YOU believe and how YOU act. If you have hate in your heart YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. We all can do something to make this world a safer place. One woman, one fragile, disabled woman, is working hard to spread LOVE and UNDERSTANDING from behind her keyboard daily.

Please help her spread that message. Jesus loves us all, flawed human beings, full of sin BUT he LOVES and FORGIVES us. Today, be a little more like Jesus…

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