Thank you Social Media

My life is amazing. I have a wonderful group of people that love and support me with every choice I make and thing I do. I have a man that not only stands by my side but also catches me when I fall. I have two amazing parents who have dedicated both their lives to my success. I have a grandmother who is one of my best friends in life and that I call and can talk to for hours. I have in-laws that are so absolutely amazing sometimes I have to pinch myself.

I have two best friends who know exactly how my brain works and are always there for my emotional meltdowns. I have friends from high school and college that pop in and out whenever they’re in town. I am so blessed. I have a strong faith in God and believe that He has everything planned out in life. I have a master’s degree plus and enough job experience to get whatever job I would want. I’m tall, thin and people say I’m both hilarious and gorgeous. We live in a nice townhome that we own and have two dogs that keep me smiling. We have food on the table and gas in our car.

So what is my problem?

I’m sick. My body just doesn’t work right. No part of it. Literally, no part of my body functions properly. From my head down to my toes, nothing works quite right. It’s a cellular issue. My cells are to blame. Sadly, these cells control everything and are integral to my functionality in life.

So, while the world keeps spinning and everyone keeps moving forward in life, here I sit and lay, watching it all from the sidelines. Some people make fun of how much I post online or how much I Facebook, it’s all I have to do. I am so thankful for social media because it allows me contact into the world of others. And vice versa. Without it I would simply sit here, feeling secluded, abandoned and defeated.

I used to read a lot, but after so many concussions it now hurts to read a book. I don’t have the hand eye coordination nor muscle ability to knit or anything like that. I hate puzzles; they give me anxiety searching for pieces that fit together. Social media is my hobby. I love seeing pictures of old students and their families. I laugh at memes all day and viral videos keep me smiling. Social media allows me to see my family and friends and helps me communicate with them my health status.

I know that people get sick of seeing my posts and selfies, but guess what? I don’t care. Judge me if you want but please know, its all I got going on in my house and it is my connection to the real world outside of doctor and hospital visits.

Without Facebook, instagram and sometimes twitter I would feel so incredibly isolated and the depression of being chronically ill would consume me. So thank you to everyone who posts and allows me into their own lives each day. You are helping to keep me sane one keyboard click at a time.

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