I'm Surviving

First off Let me apologize, I am sorry I have not blogged in over a month. I know you have been at the edge of your seat wondering what is going on in my life…HA HA. (SARCASM) SPOILER ALERT: I’ve been really sick.

I know we’re all shocked by that (sarcasm again.) After my fetal transplant I had about two weeks of good solid health. My abdominal pain was still around but I felt like it was manageable. As time went on my abdominal pain went back to exactly how it had been: Completely totally ridiculous. So I was hospitalized and the last almost month I’ve been consuming basically just Graham crackers, ensure and popsicles. Josh took me clothes shopping because I’m officially smaller than I’ve ever been before. I’d love to be excited about how skinny I am but it’s kind of hard when and doubled over in pain in the fetal position. I’ve tried everything. And nothing helps and I refuse to just dope up on pain pills. There’s something wrong in my abdomen and nobody can explain what it is. Mix that with losing consciousness and I’m incredibly frustrated. Bless Joshua’s heart though, he takes such good care of me, is so patient and just is amazing. It’s been a hard road these last almost 12 months. It’s nothing that I would wish on my worst enemy. But I’m getting through it.

There’s nothing else really going on in my world. I can’t believe it’s gonna be summertime are ready. This is my favorite time of year, I used to love teaching this time of year. The kids would get so excited for graduation especially all the juniors that would immediately call themselves seniors after the seniors had left the school building for the year. That use to make me giggle. Knowing half of them were not even going to advance a grade level. I miss the classroom so much, I miss interaction with people, I missed being able to just joke around and laugh freely with people.

I tried to convince Josh to fly me to Vegas for the week, he gently reminded me I was absolutely way to sick. I tried to spin it into a positive saying that we could totally afford to go on vacation because I don’t eat. But the fact is yes, I go to bed before 9:00 PM… because if I don’t my body just kind of shuts down.

Josh’s birthday is coming up and I am not sure what to get him. I would love to be able to whisk him away on some romantic vacation in paradise, or take him to one of the basketball finals game… But let’s be honest it’s absolutely way too expensive. So what do you get for the man who saves you every single day and works his butt off making sure that you are provided for? What the heck do you get the man that sacrifices his everything for your wellbeing? I don’t know. If you have any ideas, I am open to them!

I decided to quick blog to say HELLO. I’m alive, not necessarily living. Perhaps surviving is my word…

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