Me and my new colon, riding my new ramp with my new socks.

It’s hard to explain what my daily life is like.

Some days are amazing, some days suck.

Monday was a day that I’ve waited for- for over 10 months!!! I got my transplant. It is a crazy thing to think that right now I have somebody else’s stuff inside of me. I hope that it works and that it makes my abdominal pain go away and the crazy other symptoms I’ve been living with… Although- I will say my skinniness have been a positive symptom.

Today I’m going to the pain Dr. What exactly a pain Dr. is??? Hard to say … I just hope he fixes my hips, my stomach, my neck, my back, my knees and my entire right leg. LOL. The thing is I cannot take pain medicine, so he better not throw any at me.

After the transplant I was incredibly fatigued. Today is the first day I actually feel somewhat human again. I’m still really weak but that could be from anesthesia. I just realized I’ve had the same sweat suit on for the last six days. That is gonna have to change immediately. I am so ridiculously sheik honestly its hard to put into words ha ha ha!!

Last Friday a miracle happened at our house. I finally got a wheelchair ramp. I have been using a wheelchair for two years (honestly seems like yesterday), but now I can finally go out of my house on my own. This ramp is enormous and it’s ugly but it gives me independence and no matter how many people look at it and think it’s an eyesore to me it is the most beautiful miracle I’ve ever received. My ramp means Josh doesn’t have to carry my chair down, it means I can leave my house whenever I want no matter how I feel, it means I can run to the store to get eggs or milk if I need to, it means I can get my own medicine. I don’t think anybody realizes exactly how dependent on others I have been. My ramp means I can do somethings on my own. My next task is to figure out how to ride the regular bus. Supposedly they are wheelchair accessible. I can only do that on a good day as losing consciousness on the regular bus would not be cool. LOL

I passed out the back door Sunday morning. I was so mad at myself. My pacemaker works so hard so much of the time but sometimes I guess it just can’t I hit my head and so I have a lump on the right side… Probably got a concussion to all but ending go to the Dr. What can they do? Nothing. After a couple hours I was back to normal and my headache has subsided so I’m OK. I do hate the couple hours after I hit my head though when the whole world is kind of a foggy mess… And I can’t really figure out what’s going on. That sucks. Wearing sunglasses inside sucks too. I was so nervous and mad at myself because I didn’t want to have to go to the hospital then put my transplant on hold for a stupid head injury! I’m so careful but sometimes the inevitable happens.

I ordered new compression stockings online and they came. Since my legs have been turning purple even when I’m seated I will wear them. I hate these damn things- just let it be known. Insurance only pays for two pair a year which is absolutely ridiculous. I wear them every day like socks and can you really just wear two pair of socks every day all year? Absolutely not, disgusting. So I ordered them on Amazon, instead of $72 a pair I paid $40. Grrrr.

So, that’s been life. I shall keep on truckin.

Me and my new colon, riding my new ramp with my new socks. LOL ROLL ON.

#transplant #ramp #freedom

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