Life is funny. I have gone through so much in my last 15 years…I guess we all do. No one life is lived the same, and that is insane to me considering how many million people are on this earth…my question in my head is always “is there someone in India or china dealing with the same bullshit I do?” LOL, josh always talks about aliens, maybe there is some alien out there living a parallel life.

A girl who had my same issues killed herself last week. She was a freshman in college, incredibly put together and just simply sick…I immediately flashed back to my undergraduate days…they were tough.

I think the toughest part was that I was in complete denial that I was sick. I refused to let it all really sink in. That was mentally exhausting and I am so glad I was able to make it out alive…meaning I am so glad I didn’t get overwhelmed. I thank my Dad for that. He was the one who was with me and by my side. My mom was too, but my dad was the one who was in the offices with me, sitting at tables with me, helping me make tough decisions.

I think the only reason I didn’t end up in a padded room is because my parents are so damn amazing. I’m serious…I’ve been through the ringer in more ways than I like to admit, and yet I am here, standing tall.

YES, standing. My pacemaker has been working! I have only passed out three times. Which is INCREDIBLE.

3 weeks and 3 pass outs. GLORY TO GOD.

Today I have quite a bit of pain but I am still doing far better than I had been and so that I will consider a miracle. Alright world, keep trucking. IT oddly hurts my pacemaker site when I type, so off I go back to my recliner.

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