More heart than Scars!

I used to be embarrassed by some of the life choices I made as an early adult. After I had my tumor removed I was a little reckless. Not crazy, no, but definitely did some things I wouldn't now. I watched the bachelor (as always) and one of the girls was shameful because she posed for playboy. I used to have some of those same feelings of shame...why!? As a society we are two faced. We promote liberation and freedom and then when people are free in ways we all don't see agreeable we shame them. I was shamed. I was majorly shamed my first year teaching. I remember one person called the school asking how someone like me could teach students. Well, dammit I was an EXCELLENT educator and while some had issues with my previous "issues" I am finally at a place In My life where I am no longer embarrassed. I even had a principal tell me I was too pretty to be a teacher....wait, WHAT?! Insanity. My physical appearance had no correlation with my teaching....ugh. I was bothered by the bachelor contestant being so ashamed. It wasn't hardcore porn or anything of the like. Society needs to figure itself out. If we are going to be liberal and such then we need to be ok with all aspects of what that entails. Yes, I'm a very liberal person myself and my family is not. We often do not see eye to eye on many issues, but as an adult I've learned to be able to defend my viewpoints in a non threatening manner. Today, as I heal from This surgery that hopefully has given me the ability to fully stand on my own two legs, I am promising myself to let that shame go. I was embarrassed that I was made to look beautiful- dammit no longer. I was beautiful inside and out and the idea that women should feel ashamed for that is something that needs to be discontinued. I HAVE MORE HEART THAN SCARS.

#bachelor #playboy #shame #moreheartthanscars

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