Pacemaker INSTALLED!

February 25, 2015



Monday morning Josh took me to the hospital at 530 am. I had to be there by 6 and at 7 I was going to get what to possibly change my life! Surgery began at about 8 am. It was cray because this is what possibly could change my life forever. I got my pacemaker INSTALLED. LOL  I spent the next day in the hospital (yesterday) healing.  It was interesting because every time I've gone into the hospital for surgery I always passed out when I wake up try to go to the bathroom.  Yesterday I did not pass out!  It was the first time ever I didn't pass out. So I spent the entire time there healing in the hospital and did not pass out one time!  While I was there I did get 1 episode of light headedness where my hearing and vision went out but since then my POTS has been OK! While I was in the hospital the night nurse came in and printed out the paper that showed me that my pacemaker what pacing my heart 100% of the time which shocked me. My cardiologist was very honest and said before surgery he didn't know if it would fix me or not, but I am at the point IM WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING. So if the pacer is beating 100% of my heart beats, I can't help but think it’s a positive sign that my life can possibly be different soon! I left the hospital yesterday afternoon and I came home with my mommy.  Although I'm really sore and I cannot move my left arm for 6 weeks, I have hope for the first time in a long time.


I hope that my life could be normal.

I have hope that I can have a job.

I have hope that 1 day maybe I could even drive again.

I hope that I could be independent.


 I know that I shouldn't put all my eggs in 1 basket but dammit, they’re in the basket I am hoping and praying this basket works. The employee from bio tonic told me that it takes 6 to 7 days for my pacemaker to calibrate itself and figure out what it needs to do in my body, I'm impatient.

 It's going to be difficult not washing my hair I have a greasy scalp currently and I just want to clean head but I can't figure out how I'm going to wash my hair with this wound in my chest. I can’t shower or bathe and I can't bend over the bathtub to stick my head… plus I can't use my left arm! It's going to be a little difficult… that's my great challenge!


So, it’s been about 48 hours of having my pacemaker and I haven’t passed out.  I’ve had two spells of dizziness and presyncope, but I haven’t passed out.  I can’t help but be incredibly optimistic that this is what my body needed all along.  If it is, I swear to the great Lord above, I will be the biggest mascot for Biotronik anyone has ever seen. LOL

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