The event this weekend at Mall of America was so cool because a lot of people came up to me saying that they had seen me either on the news, at the luncheon, or on my website. I love that. It's hard living day... but I keep telling myself that it's for some greater-largely unknown plan somewhere. I've gotten a bunch of emails and messages from parents of kids with pots or other POTSY patients and wondering what kind of advice I can give. Ha ha, OHH my gosh, I have absolutely no idea what kind of advice I could possibly give. If I'm having a good day I'm able to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and on bad days...well, I stare up at my ceiling. My life is insane. If I can give one piece of advice it would be you could just keep fighting. You have to remember that every day your past history is 100%. As patients we might feel like we're dying every day-but our history proves that we will indeed live through it. My exciting news is that February 23 I will be getting a pacemaker. It is a special pacemaker made by biotronic and I will try to get the model and all the info about it ASAP but basically it can sense when one chamber of my heart is not getting sufficient blood and then speed it up. Which seems crazy to me because I thought the whole issue was the tachycardia to begin with lol. I don't get the science behind it all, but if it will work, I guess I don't care! Lol Even if it works 10% of the time, thats 10% better than I am doing and THAT WOULD BE HUGE. IM BIKING TODAY. I haven't biked for a few days so it's kinda tough to say the least. I'm peddling like I'm really going through some mountains though. This week i shockingly don't have any dr appts. Which is crazy weird. I swear I had something scheduled for the Friday the 13 but I can't find it on my calendar so....whoopsy. Thank you concussions. Ha ha ha.mi remember near nothing...ever. Alright world, keep on keepin on....OHH and after I bike I am going to lay under my heated blanket and pretend I am on a beach. In the sun-warm-smiling.

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