fecal transplant

Well. I was denied for my fecal transplant study. This means I am completely left alone stranded on a desert island with horrid poo and pain. LOL. No in all seriousness though I am at my wits end. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have shit the actual house so many times I can’t even count. We go through more bleach over here than anyone can imagine… CLASSY POST? Nope, realism. I am showing you the realistic life of someone who is chronically ill. I am not living a glamorous life. I am a mess.

I just want to be sick. Josh’s mom put it perfectly the other day she said “I wish we could get back to when you just were passing out…and that was your only problem.” EXACTLY.

So, I am emailing my drs trying to figure out, if I go to a hospital that does them , will they just give me one? My hospital does not do them of corse…so I am stuck.

The life I lead….

I did sleep till about 10am today though! I haven’t done that in YEARS. Craziness. I loved it. My pain and insanity.

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