Sorry world!

I apologize for not blogging recently. I had injured my left wrist which made it impossible to tyoe. Oddly, it has nearly completely resolved itself of pain. The dr thinks it was a ganglion cyst which then the ER dr today said probably re absorbed its fluid into the surrounding tissue…

I got my bed last week and I LOVE IT. It is wonderful. There isn’t anything I can complain about. It is amazing. I have had 3 great nights of sleep usingit which is saying a lot because I have been incredibly Ill. I have C. Diff again. Badly. Today I was in ER due to dehydration dn pain. Good news is that it doesn’t look like it is any sort of ischemic colitis so that is a plus. I was worried. When a person craps out blood massively a billion times a day…I get flash backs to the ischemia.

The hospital was so dirty today it was gross. I understand that it is flu season and they are busy but holy moly…My oxygen reader had crust on it. I took a picture….isnt that gross? OK, I wanted to blog to let the world know I have not died. BUT my wrist cant keep up with the typing and so I must keep this short. I apologize.

I also filmed my promo spot for FOX 9 and the American Heart Association. That’s exciting. The commercial should start airing soon and my picture will be on busses and billboards soon as well. Fun stuff.

MEANWHILE, I run to the bathroom. ;) LOL

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