The year in review

My year in review. Starting most recent... December 2014: I continued doing my physical therapy ~90 minutes everyday. I followed through with my goals of communicating with my family more and pushed to see my parents as much as possible. Josh and I tried a few new restaurants and decided the best one we go to is magnolias on the east side and romolos. No matter how amazing some other food might be, nothing beats going to a locally owned small business that knows you and appreciates your business. I turned 32, but didn't really celebrate aside from dinner with the family. This month I lived for Christmas,I'm gave some gifts that really meant a lot to me and that I had put a lot of thought into, which made me smile. Joshua's mommy is capitan/Queen of Christmas and so her spirit is infectious. Love her. I found out I had a Breast tumor, had it removed and found out it was non cancerous. Glory to God. We picked out the tile for upstairs and josh laid the floor in the bathroom! November: I tried hard to plan a 60th bday for my momma but I failed. I was just too tired and sickly to pull it off. I was sad about that but, I can only do so much. We went to so many doctor appointments it was insane. Highly frustrating. I had to stop taking my heart meds because of the prior ischemic colitis. That sucked. I'm a bit more floppy, but mainly I'm just much more fatigued and can't stand still at all or I get incredibly ill. I had a venogram for my nutcracker syndrome We hired someone to finish the Sheetrock, do shower floor inlay and Joshua's mommy and auntie painted the upstairs!!!! I got my hips injected AND I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. OUCH. October: I decorated the house super awesomely for Halloween (in my opinion lol) josh went to Vegas and had a blast. I stayed home....there's no way I could travel. We found out I had C. diff again. That wasn't very cool. My grandparents moved to a new house and sold their lake home. I became the American Heart Association 2014 spokesmodel thingy! September: I spent the last 3 months incredibly Ill with horrid abdominal pain. In the beginning of the month they realized I had C. Diff and therefore treated it. I started probiotics and it took until December for my gut to lessen in pain at all. Nothing really awesome nor traumatic happened in September, I was mainly just trying to keep a house running, stay alive and keep everyone happy. Josh continued to Sheetrock and tape the seams. I fell a couple of times on my hips and that was their final straw. I went to dr and found out they dislocate and a ligament snaps when I walk. So weird. My body is so weird. August: my nephew was born!!! I had hand foot and mouth... I didn't get to really ever go see him. To this day I've really only seen him 4 times. I had more tests and such, colonoscopies are not fun. New windows went in the upstairs though! July: so sick I was in bed a lot. My stomach was outta control. Midst all that chaos I thought I could work a part time job at the community center....that made me catch every virus out there but also was too dangerous for me in a wheelchair. Those adolescents are OUT OF CONTROL over there AND the staff....don't get me started....oye. That was a bad idea all around. I did love getting out of the house rolling to work in my chair. Lol. Joshua sheet rocked the upstairs! We had our neighborhood block party! I began biking every day. No matter if I felt good or not. June: summarized by these words: ISCHEMIC COLITIS. Mig as well just say I shit the house. I did. Several times. Depends...not....dependable. Josh did all the framing for the upstairs! I hosted a few gatherings at the house and was just excited at the beginning of the month of being able to be like a normal I put in a gorgeous front garden that was my pet project all summer. I lost 40lbs. I spent the next 3 months living off of ensure protein plus. Vanilla. May: I was swimming everyday and walking!!! I was actually feeling good and was able to function semi normally. I was loving life. I thought there was a possibility I could do many regular life type things....smack. Not. Josh and I even got out to run errands, work on the house etc. josh finished insulating the upstairs and began framing in the walls. Josh and I trimmed trees and he got to use a chain saw. I'll never forget climbing on the garage roof....yep, I did. That's how good I felt like I was doing....josh was yelling the entire time, but he's too scared of heights so I had to do it....I didn't die. BUT no I will never do that again! April: I recovered from a few different viruses that wiped me out energy wise. I also got concussion #3. I don't know why April was such a doozy, but I kept getting colds and viruses. I had hand foot and mouth for the first time. That was insane. My throat was disgusting. I got sick overnight. Insane. All April I worked on healing from the major surgery I had the prior month. March: I had my dual prolapse repaired. Josh called me a baboon because I had prolapsed both vaginally and rectally. The surgeon went in and pinned it all back up using plastic suspenders around my spine and then put in surgical mesh to hold the other stuff in place. This is all because of my connective tissue disorder that just makes my innards, joints and such so flimsy. February: oddly I completely blank out on anything that happened in niece turned 4...maybe it's the concussions....maybe I should be happy I can't remember that means it wasn't anything horrible.... January: Josh and I settled in our new house. This was our first FULL month living together! Looking back, I feel like we've lived together for ages. He's literally my missing piece of a puzzle. He fits so snugly right beside me in life it's outstanding. When I fail. He succeeds, when he lacks, I over achieve. We're perfect for each other. Mainly he is just able to tune me out. Ha ha ha! We finished the touches of the downstairs bathroom remodel and laid out plans for the upstairs. Concussion #1 and #2! What an eventful year!!!!!! Whoosa.

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