Hurrah and Thank YOU

Lately I've had kind of a one track mind about my bed. I called around to find the best price, figured out which one I wanted, it was hard and oddly stressful- but I did it. I'm so thankful to everyone who contributed to my gofundme and to one woman in particular. She has been there for me and gives me more then anyone could possibly ever imagine-I won't name her because then she'll get upset, but I love her and I appreciate her. I've told her many times but the world should know, she is an amazing amazing woman. I've had a good few couple of days I was even able to go shopping twice- which is nearly unheard of in my world. Unfortunately the more walking I try to do the worst my hips hurt. That sucks but nothing I can't handle. My Breast scars are looking pretty good and they're healing quite well. I'm just so thankful that I'm cancer free!!!! it's ridiculous- I'm so thankful. All I wanted for Christmas was to be cancer free and God gave me the biggest gift and I'm getting my bed which I just am so thankful for I cannot wait. It should be here January 9. I am so thankful. I feel so weird about getting money from other people but Josh put it in perspective for me he said that I did not choose this life but I am forced to live it and I deserve at the very least to be comfortable in my own home. And that's what it comes down to - I can handle having to stay indoors, I can handle having to use my wheelchair and passing out and feeling like crap but at night when you lay awake in pain and you just watch the clock tick- I can't handle that! that drives me insane. i'm so excited to have a bed that will allow me to put my legs up to keep blood flowing AND sleep in different positions!!!!! I wonder if I'll ever actually want to get out of the bed! Ha ha ha. So- that's my life currently. Pretty non glamourous. I do need to find an outfit for the go red gala....I also need to ask my "dates" if they'll go with


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