I survived Christmas!

I feel like there should be a shirt that says "I survived Christmas 2014." Between my POTS, the healing surgery and the sleepless nights due to the hip pain, I really feel like even getting to Christmas this year was a miracle. The fact that then I was able to go to 3 different houses and eat 3 meals Christmas day is A TRUE MIRACLE. God must have known I needed time outside my own house. by about 6pm I had a migrane and a nausea that would kill a cat, but my smile remained and I WAS upright. Then I laid in bed under my new heated blanket and watched the movie BRIDESMADES. how hilarious is that?!?!?! I think I have seen it before but like most things, thanks to concussions I didnt remember it. LOL

TODAY, I am bushwacked. Literally I am exhausted. My two good friends came over today and visited for awhile and my pal Damion brought me the coolest batman pajamas made of the SOFTEST fleece EVER. needless to say, they were instantly thrown into the washer and I now have them on.

Tonight will be an early night. The migraine from last night has lingered today and I cannot take any of the meds that really work because they can cause ischemic colitis....which I already as you all know had....and since Ive had it once apparently it can happen again more easily.

Later this weekend I think we are going to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family. I will rest up beforehand.

On a side note, my house is FINALLY clean again. josh had been so busy prepping for Christmas that our house became a mess of wrapping paper and cookies. I cant imagine what it would have looked like if we had kids too!!!!!!


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