Post op

Well I had my surgery on Friday it went well. Honestly it's probably easy surgery I've ever had. Anetisia went really well and I didn't have any major POTS problems. The sad part though is that I have to wait till Tuesday to get my pathology report which I have major anxiety about and I know I should just chill out and just let let it be- it is what it is- but I'm freaking out.I started a go fund me page and I'd like to say that experience has been good but so far not totally. I'm overwhelmed with the niceness of some people in the donations that they gave, its amazing. But then there's other people that are questioning me because I don't look like I'm disabled and I don't look like I would "need a bed like that." To them I say, walk a day in my shoes (let's be honest roll a day in my shoes) and they would be grasping to anything that could possibly make life more comfortable. No I don't like disabled in fact I would daresay I look better than a lot of other completely normal abled bodied women out there. I'm lucky in that regard. But disability status ios not determined by how pretty someone

Today I'm pretty sore my left breast hurts AND apparently they had to take part of the I'm curious to know what that's going to look like in the long run. I was able to change my bandages myself last night, that's the first time I've ever been able to do that! So rock on me- go team go. I'm currently doing my physical therapy so that my legs don't get too out of shape while I'm recovering. But holy crap it's crazy how much more energy your body needs to heal than normal. I don't have energy to begin with and so this healing process has left me quite fatigued. But I can't complain.

Like I've said the biggest Christmas present I could get this year would be the pathology report comes back noncancerous!!

I guess i'm going to need to put a lot of extra make up on because apparently Im looking pretty rough according to Joshua. I can't wait to get my new bed and it's looking like it'll be sooner than later thanks to all my amazing friends near and far. I've never asked anybody for anything before and so this is way outside of my comfort zone but I've had several friends tell me they just need to know how they can help, and this is how.

My life isn't glamorous. I look completely normal and beautiful (sometimes) BUT my body doesn't work. Its liek this weird contradiction of here I am pedaling again with my left boob so swollen I look like Pamela Anderson but no when the swelling goes down the left side will probably look completely deformed. oh well, cheers. Happy Sunday, Thanks be to GOD I am still here to blog and laugh.


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