T minus 2 days

Yesterday was amazing. I got to go run errands with my mom and I got out of the house! It really helps when I get to go somewhere or someone comes and visits me. Days alone in the house get really long and I think I talk to the dogs…LOL!

After running errands I was pretty exhausted so I didn’t do my bike riding…oops. BUT, then I did make a make-up tutorial video, which was hilarious. I am ridiculous. I posted it, watch if you want. I will warn you it is LONG. 24 minutes I think. LOL. Seriously I am ridiculous.

THEN, last night an old photographer friend of mine came over and took photos for me. I got a great photo for my American Heart Association campaign, which I posted on here too that you can see…me and the dogs. LOVE IT. I also got this super cute photo of me in a hat my mom made me in 2nd grade that I am going to give her for Christmas. It’s hilarious.

I am so excited for Christmas! I got some really awesome stuff for everyone and I think they will really like it. I went overboard, as usual. Spent WAY too much money-but I always do when its gift time.

The only thing now between Christmas and right now is my surgery Friday. I get some radioactive seed placed in my boob tomorrow and then the surgery is bright and early Friday morning. Hopefully I don’t wake up minus most of my left breast.

What will be will be.

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