donut catastrophe

December 15, 2014

I had one of those moments today that could have gone very differently and left me unable to ever blog again....

Josh got me a donut for breakfast and I didn't want to have to ask him to make me my I thought I could walk to the coffee maker quick....its a Kurig, all I had to do was
Get there and press a button....I didn't make it.

I passed out onto my back and donut lodged in my airway. Thanks be to JESUS Joshua heard me fall and came and somehow unlodged the chunk so I could breathe again. Thankfully I wasn't aware of what was happening I just now have a sore chest and cough.

I could have easily dies via donut today. This makes me giggle. After all I've been through would God really make my grand finale choking on a donut?! Possibly. But not today.

So, again Josh saved my life. I really should start keeping a tally...I owe him indefinitely. He is an angel. Honestly. How the heck he knew how to get me to breathe again I don't know and I don't want to ask.....

I think he freaks out inside each time he saves me like that....we don't talk about it. It's better that way. This is why I blog and facebook.   It's where I can share the things I don't talk to him about. It's not that we don't communicate, nooooo, we just done talk about emotional things like that. I thank him for saving me And we continue on with life.

How funny is this has become so normal to us that really it's just another day.

So I didn't die from a donut. Wheeeew. Close call.



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