I spent the morning at the immunologist. That was exciting. Honestly though the Dr. had a lot of interesting things to say and insight into my blood test records. She took about 16 viles of blood and ordered a bunch more tests so next appointment I will have answers I hope. She explained it really well to me in terms of what the immune system does, and basically what mine does not do.

She analogized that the immune system is like the foundation of a house, if the foundation is no good then the windows and doors cannot open and shut properly, and as we can see via my issues, my windows and doors are not working properly. LOL. I would love to sit and type more to yall but my wrists are super painful for whatever reason today and it literally is hurting me to type.

Good news, I did finially switch to Walmart mobile and my cell bill will go from $120 a month to 34.88! Whoo hoo!

Ok until later world…

I may now nap.


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