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Tomorrow we are supposed to get our first official WINTER STORM.

Ugh. I hate winter. I hate it with such pure emotion that its ridiculous. yet, here I remain in Minnesota. Blah. The house has been winterized, garage has been cleaned out, the yard is leafless and ready for the possible 12" of snow were to receive. Sadly we have not yet got the new tires we need on the SUV, the windows are not completed upstairs and the garage door still needs to be fixed....but I guess we can do those things eventually. We found a new guy to help finish the construction upstairs. That's great. We need all the help we can get.mat $25 an hour he is t cheap but he isn't the most expensive so we will deal. Hopefully Monday (tomorrow) he will be able to knock a bunch of the tasks out. I'm excited for the upper level to be finished BUT nervous at the same time because I can't really do steps well...I mean my heart doesn't I should say. That makes me nervous. I am riding my bike, peddling...going nowhere. Lol. I want a treadmill for Christmas so I can practice walking. It could be an epic fail, but it might be ok....

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