Happy Birthdays

I am so crabby tonight it's crazy. Seriously. I am in horrible pain. I am so sick of my hips hurting, this crazy abdominal pain I've had SINCE JULY and now the soreness from that test yesterday. I am over tired and I know that's the reason I am struggling. I get upset at myself when I'm crabby. Sounds dumb huh? But seriously I am at my wits end. Nights like this call for a hot cup of tea. Today is my grandmas birthday, love her!!! It's also my good friend and neighbor Rachel's bday. Tonight I am supposed to be going to the end of the block to eat dinner and then, crawl into bed. I just want to scream, serious. I want to scream and cry...but if I cry it will hurt so I won't. Not today at least. Maybe tomorrow. Yesterday I had my venogram and so I was recovering. Laying flat. I need to lay flat again...ASAP. But this time via my own free will and not because of a syncopal episode. Lol.

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