"Happy" November


Days like today I wish I could be put in a coma and awoken when doctors either figure out how to treat what is wrong or cure me.

I am so exhausted. My body pain is a 10+. I must have over used my body somehow yesterday because everything from my mid back down is SCREAMING at me. My blood pressure must not be regulating properly because I am nauseated and dizzy and dammit I am so tired. Days like today I just want to give up, seriously. Continuing to fight this battle everyday is sooo emotionally draining. No, I am not depressed. I am realistic. I will pick my chin up off the floor and my spirit will be renewed by the end of the day but man, I am so sick of suffering. So many people have it worse than I do and so I shouldn't complain, really, I should just shut up. But my body is so painful today I can't fool myself into thinking I'm fantastic. Best news of the day is that I washed my hair last night, so that's one less exhausting activity I'll have to do today :) hurrah for small victories!!!!!! So, because I'm in such a funk I am going to make myself list 10 things I love/am thankful for in my life. 10. My heated chair. 9. My heated blanket. 8. My dogs being clean (they went and got bathed yesterday!!) 7. My hot water heater and functioning furnace. 6. My ipad. Without it I would be so bored. 5. My own determination and stubbornness. I will never give up. 4. meatloaf. Lmao. The meat treat not the singer.... 3. My fur pals. Even though Penny is certifiably insane ...seriously....insane. 2. My amazing friends 1. Joshua, my mom and my dad AND Josh's mom. OOOH bonus #11: I am so thankful that Joshua cannot grow a full beard because if he celebrated "Movember" every year I'd cry. Ok that list helped. I still feel like crap but the fact that I had to include a meat made me laugh. I could never be a vegetarian. Ever. Ps I haven't even had any Halloween candy yet, lol, the way my stomach is set up today I don't think I will today either. I did however eat an entire pan of pumpkin cake this week. Lol. Oopsy.


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