Happy Halloween!

I really need to write a thank you to the person who invented the ability to email doctors’ offices.

I am waiting to hear back from the vascular surgeon about my “NUTCRACKER syndrome.” Yeah, that’s the name of it. Can you even believe that? Anyways, it’s possible that this compression of the artery thingy going to my left kidney is what is continuing to cause all the pain I am having (well the abdominal pain.) I am so lucky because I can just shoot an email to my care teams whenever I have a question or concern. That makes it WAY easier than calling in and having to describe to some receptionist who has no medical knowledge what the heck I am experiencing.

The only dr I can’t do that to are the ones at Mayo clinic, but I guess that’s ok because my doctors here in the cities handle all the stuff via them anyhow.

The house is oddly silent right now. Both dogs are getting their hairs done. ;) They are at the groomer getting their fall baths. We’re lucky because really they only get true baths from professionals twice a year: spring and fall. They were NOT happy when they got dropped off though. Thank fully the gal who is bathing them this time is deaf so Lola’s obnoxious cries won’t bother her. I guess you could say her disability makes her life in this situation WAY BETTER. LOL.

I was watching an episode of “mystery Diagnosis” today on my ipad while I was doing my physical therapy and it was about a girl who had the same things as me. She had major brain surgery and then was better…temps me to try and find the dr in New York she saw and get his opinion. Brain surgery scares the crap out of me though.

I bathed and put on some heavy makeup today just for Halloween. It made me feel pretty. That’s fun. I like when I can feel pretty, which isn’t very often these days. Usually I just feel like a run-down, ugly, lazy old woman.

Happy Halloween world, I pray everyone is safe, warm and happy this Halloween. I am able to move my hips again, the red face is decreased and the mass bruising is almost gone. Hurrah for when my body handles certain things correctly!

#halloween #nutcracker #vascularsurgeon

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