Yesterday I got both hips injected. MAN, did that hurt. I am still wobbling today. If you would have asked me yesterday if it would have been possible for my right hip to hurt any more than it already did I would have laughed and said “HELL NO.” Turns out- I was wrong. LOL. When things go wrong in the body it’s so weird because I have no idea what to compare it to. I wish for a second I could be in someone else’s body to see how it works so I would know what in mine isn’t right…IE: my hips popping out every time I walk or the intense headaches I get.

I think if I could be in someone else’s body I would do two things. I would run, like really run, until I couldn’t run anymore…that would be so exhilarating!! Being drenched with sweat and winded from something other than simply standing up would be so awesome to me. The second thing I would do probably sounds ridiculous but I would drive a car. I haven’t been able to drive in 3 years and I miss it terribly. I think everyone takes for granted the freedom and independence being able to drive gives a person. If you stop and think about it, I am never outside my home alone. I am always with someone; whether it is the bus driver, my PCA, friends…I am always accompanied. I miss signing loudly while stuck in traffic; I miss road rage…these things everyone else probably is annoyed by! I was once too…but now, I miss them terribly.

That’s what I am sitting here thinking about today.

#hips #freedom

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