Man, I can't believe I haven't posted in a year...its been insane. I have been on a roller coaster ride since September of last year This will be a short post because dammit I have shit to go do but this is life...

Sept: Went suddenly into Septic Shock with no known cause (damn near died)

Oct: Got first Ileostomy, loop ileostomy which was successful (My Stoma's name is Stomy Daniels)

November-January: Struggled with major dehydration issues and adrenal crisis due to high output ileostomy (Which I had no clue wasn't normal...)

Feb: Colon decided it wanted to die again and I had my 3rd case of Ischemic colitis, INTENSE PAIN

March-end of April: Hospital almost 32 days due to pain and COVID not letting any surgeries take place

April 29: COLON REMOVED and end ileostomy made

May-July: Giant hematoma and several Blood Clots causing craziness

July: Possible COVID which then triggered a major Adrenal Crisis (I REALLY WAS DYING AND NO DOCTORS COULD FIGURE THE SHIT OUT.)

I will post more in detail later but holy shit yall my medical PTSD is REAL now. Its been CRAZY.

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