Still I rise

I stopped blogging for a long time because, honestly, I was just too sick. I have been through hell and am still fighting each and everyday to remain alive and in a positive mindset. Life isn't easy, in the end we all die, but I try hard as heck to make sure that each day I make a positive impact in this world for as long as I can.

Things that have happened since last blog entry:

Lola passed away. My beauty queen of 15 years died and it had a huge impact on our little family. We are still sad, but know she is free from pain and struggle.

I am still making t-shirts and other things via and work as much as I can when I can, which somedays is very very limited and or non existent, hence the name I suppose. Sick Printz, I print when I am sick LOL.

I am sure I've probably done or had something more eventful happen but as I look back, I survived and dammit, that has been a huge accomplishment in itself.

As always my family is amazing and my whole circle keeps me pushing daily.

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