Pardon my language but man; high dose prednisone is a bitch. I am like a round ball of acne and ugly. Serious. I have never had this many pimples in my life, not even when I was 13. LOL. I’ve gained a ton of weight but am hoping as soon as I am off the meds it will go away…fingers crossed. I am doing MUCH better than I was, but that’s really not saying much. I still have a horrific headache in which I bolus my pump for. It helps but really I get about 30 minutes every few hours that is pain free. It’s intense. The best part? On Friday the right side of my face began to go numb when I stand up. Hilarious right? LIKE SERIOUSLY!? I just have to laugh because after all, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and man, I am becoming Hercules.

Our house is coming together nicely. Our neighborhood is gorgeous. We have probably the crappiest house in the area, which to me is great because every penny I put into the rehab I will get back. Our house isn’t huge, but it is the biggest we’ve lived in. The basement and garage is Josh zone. I master the main floor. The hardwood makes wheeling super easy and the open floor plan to the kitchen makes it easy. I love how the back door is a straight shot from my couch so when I have to let the dogs out its easy peasy. Thank GOD for the little things in life. I celebrate those little victories!

The biggest news in life is that since I got out of the hospital and am on this continuous pump and high dose prednisone I have not passed out. I almost don’t want to even say it incase I jinx myself. I have had a few episodes of presyncope in which I have to sit on the floor quick, but I have NOT lost consciousness…that’s damn near miraculous…like I said, I don’t want to jinx it, so I will just say THANK YOU JESUS!

My parents have been the BIGGEST help ever…they are seriously just so amazing and I cannot imagine being born to any other people on this planet. I am so lucky to have them. They are just like little angels…helping us do so much, helping take care of me, yelling at me when I need to be yelled at…cause I am so damn hard headed. I know I am difficult, stubborn and obnoxious.

I wish I could sleep. The prednisone makes me wake up early as heck; like 4am early. I would love to be able to roll over and fall back asleep but I just simply cant. I’ve tried staying up later, no luck. My body makes me lay down around 8pm every night otherwise I get incredibly ill. I get nauseated if I push it. SO, I HAVE to go lay down. I try to stay up until double digits…aka 10pm. Josh tells me to just listen to my body and sleep when it wants to…I just wish it would sleep until maybe 7am. LOL

So, aside from being incredibly ugly, tired, nauseated, numb in the face and having a splitting headache, I am doing great. I am just thankful for each day on this earth and for the time I get to spend with all those I love. I refuse to take a single second for granted. I know I wont be here forever and so while I am here, I want everyone to know how much I love them, how thankful I am, how appreciative I am and mostly, how blessed I feel.

Life hands us all lemons. We must find the sugar, add water and make the damn lemonade. I'm trying, hard.

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