Hopes for next year

New Year's Eve can't believe it's going to be 2015 same to me. People think about what they want to change for the new year what resolutions they want to make, I don't really have any changes I want to make....well conscious ones....so instead I'm gonna make a list of things that I'm thinking for 2015: 1. I'd appreciate loosing consciousness less. 2. I hope my colon doesn't try to die again in 2015... 3. I'd like to be concussion and traumatic brain injury free 4. I'd like to get out of my house more 5. I'd really like to see my brothers family, my grandma and my great aunt more 6. I want to remember everyday to tell everyone how much I love and appreciate them 7. I want LESS doctor appointments!!!!! 8. I need to remember all year that my physical health is somewhat out of my control and not get so frustrated mentally about it 9. I WILL continue to blog my inner feelings and thoughts because it is a good form of therapy for me. 10. I shall remain as independent as possible dammit!!! Those are my top 10. Most center around health of corse, as it dictates my life. I guess I could sum up my hopes for 2015 in one simple sentence: I want my health to be better. LOL. So let's review this last year....what a doozy it was. I can say I'm proud that I lived through 2014. I was handed battle after battle, but dammit I conquered them all. I am still here, alive and doing WELL!!!! (All things considered.)

#resolutions #hopes #wishes

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