October 31, 2014






I really need to write a thank you to the person who invented the ability to email doctors’ offices. 


I am waiting to hear back from the vascular surgeon about my “NUTCRACKER syndrome.”  Yeah, that’s the name of it.  Can you even believe that?  Anyways, it’s possible that this compression of the artery thingy going to my left kidney is what is continuing to cause all the pain I am having (well the abdominal pain.)  I am so lucky because I can just shoot an email to my care teams whenever I have a question or concern.  That makes it WAY easier than calling in and having to describe to some receptionist who has no medical knowledge what the heck I am experiencing....

October 30, 2014

Good and evil

Today I woke up very happy. I had a great night sleep which I swear makes all the difference in the world when you're chronically ill. If you can't sleep at night and wake up every couple minutes or hours in pain or sick and it sucks. But today, I woke up excited for Halloween. I'm excited because Halloween signifies a chance when kids get to be something other than they are. Kids are naturally pure, simple, happy and innately good. Halloween gives them a chance to be something that they're completely not.  They can be monstrous, be characters and I just think it's fun because they're having fun.

I can actually move my hips today. That's amazing that makes me happy. Hopefully it sta...

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