June 24, 2017

I have so many things I want to do today, but I sit here.  I grew up constantly being told that you can rest when you’re dead.  Meaning, my parents always had us doing things and if we were being lazy, it was naughty.  My brother used to yell and taunt me by saying “you don’t pick, ya don’t play” meaning if I didn’t pick up and clean up I didn’t get to go play outside.”

Flash forward to my adult life, I always had at least 2 jobs, I was a full-time teacher and then always had a second job, now that I am disabled and sick, I constantly feel guilt for just sitting still.  It’s a battle because I NEED TO SIT DOWN ALL THE TIME.

            My parents nowadays tell me to chill out a million time...

June 20, 2017

If someone were to ask me to teach a class on illness and disability, I have no idea where I would start.   I wish there was a class, a textbook, anything that prepares someone for this life. This is an intense journey.  Some days are easy to navigate through while others seem impossible. 

If I made the curriculum, I would begin the class speaking about finding self-love and understanding of whom you are and who you are becoming. It would have to be a full semester long class as there is a lot to cover and the information is overwhelming. I would end with a long unit on relationships as I think they are the hardest part of what we, chronically ill people go through. 

            I alwa...

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