April 21, 2017

     Ever stop for a second we wonder why kids are obese, why there are more autoimmune diseases, why autism is incredibly prevalent and yet people to go gaga over things like a unicorn Frappuccino. As a society we got to do better for our children. Obviously one unicorn frapp is not going to make a kid obese but I feel like we live in a unicorn Frappuccino Society. So many parents take the easy road instead of the more difficult.

      There are so many kids that have never been told no, so many children that have parents that take the easy road and are exposed to processed foods at every meal that are hormone laced antibiotic ground-up meat products. I can't help but think in my own head...

April 19, 2017

My surgery is in less than a month and I am getting nervous.  Side note, as I sat down to write just now my mom asked me what I am doing, I replied “blogging”, and she said “you’re kinda crabby to blog, its going to be filled with anger” and I replied “That’s the best time for me to blog.  Have you ever read my blog?” She said, “No I don’t do Facebook.”  I laughed and said “mom, its not just on Facebook, its on my website.” And she goes “oh, yeah whatever, no.” HA!  Ok, so I guess I know now mom is not a faithful reader.  Whatever.

Like I was saying, surgery is in less than a month and I am nervous.  Perhaps it’s more than I am so anxious for it to be over and see if I am better....

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