December 29, 2016

Man, 2016 continues to suck for damn near everyone…with 4 days left I'm just praying we make it through.  There have been a few joyous occasions but even down to my dog Lola, 2016 sucked.  I am sitting in the cancer centers waiting room lobby area, and I am looking around me and seeing that people are sick.  LIFE sucks.  Seriously.  I mean how crappy is it to sit in a waiting room and looking around to see people half dead?  It’s horrible.  2016 has been obnoxious. I personally have fought tooth and nail through and hopefully I come out of it as a warrior and winner.  Though life has handed me many lemons, 2016 has given me some super awesome times as well.

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December 22, 2016

2016 was a crappy year for almost everyone I know.  We all have survived a year filled with death, misery and overall sadness.  Whether it is the celebrity deaths, black lives lost or election results, we have all made it through, though barely.

This year I tried hard to focus on the good in this world.  I told myself at the end of 2015 I was going to look at my life as a glass half full rather than half empty.  It was hard.  I managed through a lot of struggles and falls BUT I forced myself to remember everything I’ve already overcome and I focused on my resiliency.  Like every other year I often leaned on my friends via Facebook or real life family and they got me through.

I am not...

December 16, 2016

Life isn’t about how perfect you are, it’s about how great you are after you get knocked down.  If you are a champion always and never experience loss, can you truly know what it feels like to be a champ?  I say no.  I say you need to experience shittiness in order to value wonderfulness.

Thoughts from ELLE.

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