July 27, 2016

Today is July 27.  I was informed yesterday by my mobility company that my medical assistance from the state is currently not active.  This is a big deal as it pays for the things my other two insurances do not pay for. 

They said they didn’t get a page of my fax I had sent in and therefore my case was closed.  I was livid yesterday and scrambled and refaxed everything.  This morning I called to make sure they had received my fax and they told me that it wouldn’t be processed until next week.  YOU SEEEEEEE the problem is that if I don’t get it processed by the 31st I lose my medical benefits completely.  WHAT THE HECK!!! 

So, I am freaking out as one can imagine.  I had...

July 26, 2016

Being me sucks sometimes. Mainly when it comes to how I handle stress.  Basically the whole fact that I cant.  So my body goes nuts with any stress and I cannot do what other people do to deal with stress.  Normal people can go workout, go walk, go have a drink, smoke, anything really, I can’t.  Which means that I am stuck in my own head with all the stress making it worse.  So then, my body crashes.

Instead, tonight, after a super shitty day, (basically that the house we liked didn’t pass inspection, that the county didn’t get the entire fax I sent which caused me to not have insurance all month WITHOUT ME KNOWING) so, I am sitting here with impending homelessness (we’ve sold ou...

July 25, 2016

My best friend from college made me this flow chart, how hilarious and accurate is it?! HA HA  HA.  I began my meds and I don’t want to get overly hopeful but I think that they may be targeting whatever is the issue within my body.  It is a powerful drug and I so far have had no side effects minus some nausea but, then again, I am kinda always nauseated. Lol.

The funniest part of my life is when I get up and go get something in the kitchen or bathroom and then sit back down and realize I didn’t get what I went for, or I get there and am confused why I’m there so I go sit back down.  Normal people would be able to stand and think about what they were doing, I cant.  My brain doesn’t ge...

July 24, 2016

I am trying not to be overly optimistic but yesterday I felt better than I have in months, possibly years.  I was able to go see the new Vikings Stadium (Us bank stadium) as it was opening weekend.  It was gorgeous.  It is so big, like legit huge.  I am still a little confused why it cost so much as to me it just looks like a heck of a lot of concrete and then some big technological stuff, but hey, I guess the cost of concrete is high?  LOL. 

I was able to walk dogs around the block in the morning, then get myself dressed, go tour stadium and go to dinner with Josh.  I was able to stay awake until 9 without huge issue.  I was nauseated all day and still have stomach pain but...

July 22, 2016

Don't be a lazy oaf, Learn Spanish from me, Im hilarious. 


July 22, 2016

I am currently sitting here waiting on my nemesis.  If you all know me, you may know I hate my mailman. YES, he is my nemesis.  In all my 33 years of using the United States postal service I've never had any problems…until we moved here…since day 1 he has had an attitude with me.  So, I call him my nemesis. 

I am waiting on him not to bring me something cool I got online, nope, no amazon prime; I am waiting on him to bring me my chemo.  Yep, my medicine.  I am going to be taking a new medicine that is normally used to treat leukemia.  Don’t worry, I don’t have leukemia, I have mast cell disease, similar but oh so different.  I will officially be taking what one classifies as chemother...

July 5, 2016

I started taking steroids last week and thanks be to JESUS I am human again.  I was so sickly; I thought for sure I was going to die.  I felt like death.  I was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t properly explain to my docs how horrible I was feeling, and that there wasn’t anything being done.  I am still exhausted at the end of a day and after about 5pm I am still useless BUT the last 3 days I have actually been able to live the first part of the day. 

Though I have already gained about 5lbs of water weight from the steroids, I have to keep telling myself that I choose to be human over being gorgeous.  Sure, when I was at deaths door I was thin and at my desired weight…but, I...

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